Through the Relationship


Relationship (not only for romantic relationship) is a kind of string of choices from both sides. There's only continuous choices. If we want it, we will get it. If we don't want it, we won't get it.

If we made mistakes, can choose others again. Again n again. It's ok even we are able to make much more mistakes, and then can choose differently.

That is not wasting time actually, that is a very profound learning process for both parties.

Through the relationship, we learn to allow ourselves to make mistakes. And we learn to take accountability for our whole choices, which include all mistakes we made.

And through the relationship, we also learn to let go of things not meant for us and the relationship, and we learn to choose the truth.

No matter how difficult things seem to be, there's simply my choices. Whatever I do or not do in my life and my relationships, I am the one who decide. I am the one who make choices of what to do or not do, with 100% responsibility every moment.

There's God's will, for sure. But God's will can't be my excuses that I do not choose something actively, or more precisely, I choose not to do something actively, and keep waiting for things just "unfold" in front of me.

I think I need to be more aware of that. Because I'd been always complaining a lot to God about the things unfold in front of me :p



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