Real Learning Happens When We Move

After a long interval, I went to dance 5 Rhythms a few days ago. I love 5 Rhythms very much, cos it would be a really awareness-raising practice each time I dance.

Especially when I find my body energy inside & outside restless, like in a state of chaos, which all yin & yang energy is bursting out, it's time for me to go 5 Rhythms.

In the previous session, I found out so much emotions which I'd been holding onto so tightly. And at the same time, I'd been denying or resisting those emotions.

Through the body movement, rather than denying, resisting, or pushing them down, I chose to be aware of them. I felt them.
Physically experienced my feelings rather than think them. I consciously did "hold on" and "see", and then "release" them.

5 Rhythms practice is an opportunity to creatively tap into our instinctive & intuitive responses.
Movement is medicine. Because the body can't lie, it lets us know exactly if we're feeling closed or open, tight or loose, on or off.

The energy plexus blocks on my energy field cause an energetic jam, and sometimes it leads to a headache. So when I dance, breathing out with the intention and a mental picture of releasing & letting go, it helps to unchoke those jams.

Letting go is full of possibilities.
When I dance 5 Rhythms committedly, I am no longer even a dancer, sometimes I become a dance. By surrendering my body to the dance, sometimes unexpectedly discover a more courageous way to connect.

At the end of last session, I finally reached a sense of complete freedom.

I used to be passively very upset toward God about the uncertainty of my life though, since got this sense of complete freedom, what the hell is there to complain about??

We are like little kids of God, who just don't know our parents' thoughts, which are all meant for our very best. Now I felt differently like it is ok with all of our uncertainty.

It's totally ok because we just don't know who we truly are ;-)



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